Yorkville area


Average price per person: $ <$8 | $$ $8-16 | $$$ $16-24 | $$$$ >$24

Name Address Specialty Summary Price Rank Comments
Stonefire Grill Rt 47 Family Variety menu $$$ Needs Improvement So new, they need to be broken-in a little longer.
Blackstone Rt 34 Family A step up in service. $$$ Excellent! Excellent food and service. Sit back and relax-you're being pampered tonight!
Bridge Street Café Rt 47 Family Nice for lunch or dinner. $$ Good Something for everyone. Good food, good price.
Donati's Italian Restaurant 242 Mitchell Drive Italian One of our favorites! Excellent food at reasonable prices. $$ Excellent! A refreshing new start at reasonable prices. Food will bring you back again and again! Chef Terry -- The sauce is the boss!
Westside Gyro II Rt 47 Fast Food Best Gyro around $ Good Definitely worth a try!
Amici West Veterans Italian Trying to be fancy $$ Needs Improvement The ala carte menu adds quickly. Dessert from a box didn't help.