Plano area


Average price per person: $ <$8 | $$ $8-16 | $$$ $16-24 | $$$$ >$24

Name Address Specialty Summary Price Rank Comments
Donati's Italian Restaurant 242 Mitchell Drive Italian One of our favorites! Excellent food at reasonable prices. $$ Excellent! A refreshing new start at reasonable prices. Food will bring you back again and again! Chef Terry -- The sauce is the boss!
Friendly Tap Hale St Bar When you need a drink and a burger. $ Very Good! Home-town tap. Good Friday fish fry.
Mia Amore' Hale St Italian Has had ups and downs - hope you get on an up. $$$ Good Nice atmosphere and food.
Little Bro Joe's Pizza Rt 34 Italian It's the sauce! $$ Very Good! A pizza from here and everywhere else pales by comparison.