Aurora area


Average price per person: $ <$8 | $$ $8-16 | $$$ $16-24 | $$$$ >$24

Name Address Specialty Summary Price Rank Comments
Walter Payton's Roundhouse Rt 25 Family Very nice atmosphere. $$$ Pricey but Good! Good food-More pasta than meat.
Chinese Giant Buffet Lake St Oriental A giant Chinese buffet $$ Good How many ways can you make chicken? ;-)
BC's Gyros Indian Trail Fast Food Made to order $ Needs Improvement Jacked prices but not quality.
Papa Bears Farnsworth Family Large menu selection $$ Pricey Kind of a has-been. Diner leaning toward a truck-stop.
Hollywood Casino New York St Everything Definitely upscale $$$ Pricey but Good! They have had their ups and downs, hope you get it on an up.
Pepe's Mexican Food Lake St Mexican Authentic Mexican. $$ Good The Aurora location is still the best!